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The present bank in Normangee - Normangee State Bank - was chartered in 1912. A building committee made up of J.H. Wooley, T.A. Cozart, J.C. Ford and Joe Rogers was given the charge of developing plans and instructions for a bank building, and the bank's first vice president, W.T. Hollis, purchased $6,500 in U.S. two percent bonds and deposited them with the U.S. Treasurer, as required by law to secure the bank's formation. The charter, number 10275, was issued in Washington, D.C., on October 10, 1912, authorizing the bank to begin business. The property at the northeast corner of Main and Second streets was purchased, and the bank home was completed on September 9, 1913, at a cost of about $4,300. Many banks throughout the country failed during the Depression, but the First National Bank kept its doors open. When the town's other bank, the First State Bank, failed, the First National Bank purchased the assets of the First State Bank on May 27, 1936. The liabilities purchased totaled $18,300.00.

During the late 1930s, the directors of the First National Bank were Joe Lagravier, M.L. Bennett Jr., W.L. Martin and Mrs. J.L. Wooley. Otho Youngblood was vice president and chief operating officer of the bank at that time. He was succeeded by Tom Burke in January 1943. In 1946, the directors were Jack Ellison, P.L. Westmoreland, Davis Cozart, Tommy Hill, Carl Martin, Joe Lagravier, Ray Epps, Dr. J.L. Jinkins and Mr. Burke.

Mr. Burke was killed in an automobile accident in 1954, and John R. "Bob" Hines became chief operating officer. Jack McCain was president from April 1955 to January 1961. The bank received a state charter in March 1962, and was renamed the Normangee State Bank. Walter Young was executive vice president from April 1961 to February 1962.

The Normangee State Bank took a major step forward in 1967, when it was purchased by four businessmen: Percy Westmoreland, Mac L. Bennett Jr., Royce Shaw and Doyle Reed. It has been locally owned and operated since that time. Mr. Bennett and Bill Novosad became directors, and Molly Sweeden and Sandra Shaw joined the bank staff.

The assets of the bank at that time were $1,381,074.94. A major push was begun to increase those assets to $2 million. That was accomplished on August 4, 1969. At that time, Novosad, Bennett, Westmoreland, Reed and Shaw were directors, and Rachael Bennett, Molly Bowman, Sandra Shaw and Gary Martin joined Royce Shaw as the bank employees.

The bank continued to increase its assets over the next 30 years. In 1974, they had reached almost $4.5 million, and that figure increased to over $6.5 million at the end of 1976. The next six years saw a jump to almost $15 million at the end of 1982, and six more years saw those assets increased to over $24 million. At the close of business at the end of 2000, the bank had assets of almost $45 million. It has consistently ranked among the top banks in the state among those considered solid financial institutions.

Dr. W.A. Bilsing joined the bank as a director in 1974 and Victor Hillman became a director and employee in 1976. Joel and Jake Shaw joined the employee ranks in 1982 and, along with Molly Sweeden, became directors in 1988. Royce Glen Shaw, Jr. became an employee in 1999.

In 2000, Royce Shaw turned the day-to-day operation of the bank over to his oldest son, Joel, giving him the title of executive vice president. In 2001, Royce Shaw relinquished more of the leadership of the bank to Joel, giving him the title of chief executive officer.

In the past 10 years, the bank has twice added space, remodeled both its interior and exterior, and added services to its customers. Under the leadership of the Shaw family, it has adhered to the philosophy that loans should not be made that are secured beyond a reasonable length of time. Distribute your loans rather than concentrate them in a few hands. Treat your customers liberally, bearing in mind the fact that a bank prospers as its customers prosper.

Today, the bank continues to be a vital part of the community. Directors include W. A. Bilsing, M.D., Tom G. Holmes, C. Jack Hunter, Jake Shaw, Jamie Shaw, Joel A. Shaw, Royce Shaw, Royce Glen Shaw, Jr., Dena Stewart, Molly Sweeden and Steve Tenalio. Officers and employees include Royce Shaw – Chairman of the Board, Joel A. Shaw – Chief Executive Officer, C. Jack Hunter – President, Royce Glen Shaw, Jr. – Vice President, Jake Shaw – Vice President, Cody Collins – Assistant Vice President, Dena Stewart – Cashier, Lyn Shaw – Assistant Cashier, Lindy Kelly – Assistant Cashier, Katlyn Shaw – Bookkeeping, Cheyenne Shaw – Bookkeeping, Mary Cox – Bookkeeping, Lauri Dean – Compliance, Roselynn Parker – Loan Assistant, J. R. Shaw – Loan Assistant, Sonia Nava – Loan Assistant, Stephanie Theiss – Head Teller, Angelica Aguilar – Teller and Monserrat Avila-Chavez – Teller.

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Welcome to the Normangee State Bank. In a continuing effort to better serve our customers, we are now offering internet banking and mobile banking. We hope that you find our website and mobile app to be both informative and easy to use.

We are proud to be the only locally owned and operated bank in the Leon and Madison county area. We are also one of the financially strongest banks in Texas. These unique features allow us to offer Rock Solid services to our customers.

Thanks for your visit. If you need further assistance, please call or stop by.

Officers & Board of Directors


Royce Shaw
Chairman of the Board

Joel A. Shaw
Chief Executive Officer

C. Jack Hunter

Royce Glen Shaw, Jr.
Vice President

Jake Shaw
Vice President

Cody Collins
Vice President

Lauri Dean
Compliance Officer

Roselynn Parker
Real Estate Loan Assistant

J. R. Shaw, Jr.
Assistant Vice President

Sonia Nava
Loan Assistant

Dena Stewart

Lyn Shaw
Assistant Cashier

Lindy Kelly
Assistant Cashier

Katlyn Shaw

Cheyenne Shaw

Mary Cox

Stephanie Theiss
Head Teller

Angelica Aguilar

Monserrat Avila-Chavez


Board of Directors

W. A. Bilsing, M.D.

Tom G. Holmes

C. Jack Hunter

Jake Shaw

Jamie Shaw

Joel A. Shaw

Royce Shaw

Royce Glen Shaw, Jr.

Dena Stewart

Molly Sweeden

Steve Tenalio

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